Hidden Beauty of Sintra

Easter tourists crowds have left and Portugal is taking the last deep breath before the start of summer season. Taking advantage of this calm period we have decided to explore the beautiful area of Sintra keeping so many secrets. When I came to Portugal on vacation for the first time, while staying in Lisbon, i was advised to visit Sintra, to visit Sintra palaces, to be more precise. So, I decided to dedicate one day out of the five i had in Lisbon to those palaces. I took the train, than i took one of those buses for tourists transferring you from one palace to another... I got very tired and to be honest I did not feel myself satisfied culturally or esthetically . Cabo da Roca, the western

Bitter Sweet Baleal

‘Baleal is a special place. You gonna definitely come back, everybody does’, such things I kept hearing from locals, when I arrived here for the first time to stay in a surfcamp. ‘Pfff’, I thought, there is nothing so particular about it…Well here I am, in Baleal, for the seventh time already. It has become my second home. So let me tell you the secret, why nobody returns from Baleal :) As I mentioned in my previous post, Baleal is a tiny peninsula, which used to be actually a separated island many years ago. Than according to some local people the land emerged due to some natural processes and it got connected to the mainland, or as some other people affirm, it was deliberately backfilled,

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