Top Portugal Beaches

After a long hesitation, I have finally decided to go beyond my IG and FB and write my first travel blog post. This decision does not come from a desire to start a personal diary, but mostly from willingness to share information and impressions about Portugal which are overwhelming me, and might be useful for those who travel or live in Portugal.

This first entry I dedicate to the beautiful and infinite Portuguese coast, its main highlight and "tourist attraction". Being married to a passionate surfer I am doomed to spend most of my free time driving along the cost, searching for new spots; and while my hubby peers into the ocean looking for a new wave break I can just enjoy the stunning views and discover new perfect settings for photoshoots.

So here it is, my personal Top Five of Portugal Praias:

1. Praia da Cordoama

We found this beach while we were travelling around south Portugal, on the way from Sagres along the coast. By the moment we discovered it no other place in Portugal had impressed me more that this place (it was only eight months later, that we reached the amazing Praia da Ursa, that I show below ;) . The beach is surrounded by immense emerald-green hills offering an endless panoramic view over the ocean. Amazing place for those who love hiking, para gliding, surfing and just chilling far away from people.

Nearest town: Villa do Bispo

2. Baleal North Coast

This is basically our second home :) For those who have never been to Baleal, I gotta explain that it is a teeny tiny peninsula between a five kilometer sandy beach going down to Peniche and endless surf spots fringed by impressive cliffs going all the way up towards Praia d'el Rey. This place is known for its sunsets, but for me the best time to come here is at dawn. When you stand on one of the cliffs, you get such an incredible perspective of the ocean, sheared by rocks and morning mist. And although I have seen this view in every kind of weather ten million times, it never gets old and remains my favourite, for sunrises, sunsets, walks and photoshoots.

Nearest town: Peniche

3. Prais dos Frades Leiria

This one we found randomly, driving around the coast, not far from Consolacao spot.

What impressed me most was absence of people or any important towns near this beach.

To get down to the water you need to take narrow stairs and than climb across rocks to the left which apparently get covered by water in high tide.

Nearest town: Atouguia da Baleia

4. Praia da Marinha

Well, actually I could name any other beach around Lagos, in Algarve, as they are all almost equally marvelous with turquoise water and cane sugar rocks. The caves of Benagil praia are a must-see, of course, and if you have time and energy I would advise tracking along the trail which outlines all the beautiful beaches and offers absolutely stunning views.

Nearest town: Portimao

5. Praia da Ursa

This is without doubt top beach in Portugal and probably in all Western Europe. We have discovered it quite recently with my husband and I still remember the colossal impression it produced on me. As i wrote in my IG reaching this beach requires certain physical skills and courage. As I have read after, there are actually several trails (narrow steep paths) leading down to the beach and one of them is only for trained climbers. The beach is hidden from the world by the immense cliffs and the rocks sticking out from the water add to the impression. Light is absolutely marvelous at sunset, but be aware of time as climbing up after dark will be almost impossible.

Nearest town: Sintra

This is of coarse not an exhaustive digest of Portugal beaches and is quite a subjective one, based on my personal impression I had the very moment I saw these places for the first time. I will be happy to hear your opinion and learn your top five. Besides, I will be glad to answer your questions. Don't hesitate to contact me through my web-site or my pages in Instagram and Facebook.

And get ready for the summer season :)

Best regards,

Irina Odoardi

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