Escaping from Rome - Beautiful Sperlonga

If you get tired of Rome touristic fuss and summer heat, there is a beautiful destination where you can run away for a day or two. Let me tell you about the Tyrrhenian coast gem hidden between Rome and Naples - the lovely Sperlonga.

My husband had not explained to me that morning where we were going, saying only "Today I will bring you to a beautiful place", so I had no expectations or plans, and I was absolutely and sincerely amazed when I saw this marvelous town.

Sperlonga is situated on the Tyrrhenian coast, 140 km to the south from Rome and 100 km to the north from Naples.

The city can be divided into the modern part situated along the coast and the Old Town perched on a cliff surrounded by the sea waters.

Only two-hour drive from Rome and you will find yourself in a completely different Italy. White houses and curvy narrow streets, laundry hanging between the balconies and architecture of Sperlonga will make you feel as if you were on some Greek island.

The Old Town of Sperlonga is closed for cars and obviously they are not needed here at all. The town is easily crossed by foot. Give yourself time to get lost amid the narrow streets of Sperlonga, with countless steps, beautiful balconies and the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea looking out from every corner.

Sperlonga is said to be a very popular destination for Italian and foreign tourists in summer. However, when we came there in mid-September, the town was pleasantly quiet and half-empty.

If you love surfing and if you are lucky you might even catch some nice waves here.

As the sun goes down to the horizon, have a sit in a bar on the terrace enjoying the play of colors and absolutely unforgettable view on the mountains and nearby islands.

Don't Miss:

All this area is well-known for the best Mozzarella di Bufala in Italy, besides Sperlonga is relatively not far from Naples, from all this it is easy to assume that pizza here must be delicious. We have ordered one and yes, it was just perfect!

Getting there and away:

If you don't have a car you can easily get to Sperlonga by train from Rome Termini station or from Naples Centrale station. The train costs from 6 to 7 euros and arrives at Fondi-Sperlonga station which is around 12 km far from Sperlonga beach and the Old Town. To get from the station to the coast you can take a taxi or a regular bus.

As always wishing you amazing journeys,

Irina Odoardi